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If you are between school years one and year seven and want to play football then please give us a try out. Everyone is welcome. Fresh challenges are always good for you. If you are interested please contact us for information.

Julie Lancaster (08/09/2019)

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(Julie Lancaster 21/09/2019)
We have good quality reversible jackets for sale. Showerproof one side and fleeced lined the... More


(Julie Lancaster 08/09/2019)
We shall be training at the Hatfield Bowls Club in College Lane, Hatfield opposite The Galleria. Please see details below
U7 MONDAY 6pm - U8 MONDAY 6pm - U9 MONDAY 6pm - U10 WEDNESDAY 7pm - U12 WEDNESDAY 7pm

Christmas Disco 14th December 2019

(Julie Lancaster 02/09/2019)
Hatfield Youth are proud to announce that they will be holding a Christmas Disco on 14th December 2019 at The Harrier Hall, Bishops Rise, Hatfield. Doors open at 6.30pm and starts at 7.00pm. All welcome even if you are not a Club member.... More


(Julie Lancaster 30/08/2019)
We have formed a new team at Under 10 and need some more players to bolster the squad. If you would like to join please contact Julie via email julie@hatfieldyouthfc.com The team will play on Sunday's in our League. No trials as that is what training... More


(Julie Lancaster 19/08/2019)
We are looking to invest in a couple of portable stands for our spectators to watch in some small comfort. We need to raise quite a bit of money for this, so if anyone is interested in supporting this cause please get in touch with Julie.... More


(Julie Lancaster 19/08/2019)
We are looking for sponsors to help support our Club. It would be nice for all the players to have new jackets and give them boot bags with Sponsors name. If you are interested then please get in touch.


(Julie Lancaster 19/08/2019)
Hi Everyone, Our summer break is over and training resumes on Wednesday 21st August 2019. Everyone is welcome to come along for training as we are looking to bolster all our teams. We do not hold trails especially at the younger age... More

Hatfield Youth U12

(Julie Lancaster 19/08/2019)
The team has been going for 7 years now and although they will still be playing 9-a-side it will be competitive. This is a really fresh new challenge for them. They do need a few more players so if you are interested please come along. No trials as... More

Hatfield Youth U11

(Julie Lancaster 19/08/2019)
Another established team the this year and are moving to playing 9-a -side. Great team spirit within the group with a never say die attitude. They do need more players to ease them in gently. Again the manager of this team likes to give all his players... More

Hatfield Youth Under 9's

(Julie Lancaster 19/08/2019)
This is an established team and had a very good season last years. Their Managers did a fantastic job with them. This year they will be playing 7-a-side so big step up for them. Very happy team and all support each other. Great bunch of parents... More

Hatfield Youth Under 8's

(Julie Lancaster 19/08/2019)
Again this is a new team for the season and are looking for more players to bolster the squad.
Their matches on Saturdays and they play 5-a-side.
Please some along and give a trey out. There are no trials as they are too young to put them through the stress of it.

Hatfield Youth Under 7's

(Julie Lancaster 19/08/2019)
This a new team for the new season. It is very exciting for them but they do need help in getting settled. We do need more players for this group so please come along and let your child try us out. We are also looking for a couple of coaches... More


(Julie Lancaster 05/11/2017)
At our home ground of Stanborough, we are selling Jackets, Hats if anyone is interested in buying them.
We have children's Jackets and Adult Bomber Jackets for sale.
Superb quality and superb value.

Alan Lancaster Chairman -

(Julie Lancaster 17/09/2018)
I would like to thank everyone who passed their condolences to both our family and myself for the passing of my husband and Hatfield Youth Chairman Alan Lancaster. It has given my family and myself a lot of comfort for the support you have all shown... More