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We are back in training and looking for more players to bolster some teams but also to start new teams. If you are school years 1 to 8 please get in touch for more details if you are interested.... More

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Alan Lancaster Chairman -

(Julie Lancaster 17/09/2018)
I would like to thank everyone who passed their condolences to both our family and myself for the passing of my husband and Hatfield Youth Chairman Alan Lancaster. It has given my family and myself a lot of comfort for the support you have all shown and just how much he was revered by many people.
His funeral took place on 16th August 2016 and went very well. The Harrier provided the wake on my behalf and did a beautiful display of hospitality and I thank them very much for that. He is going to be sorely missed by my family and myself and also Hatfield Youth will miss him for his knowledge, commitment and understanding of the needs for all our players regardless of ability and age. Thank you all. From Julie Lancaster