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Under 8 - Match Report

First Home Game Of Season

(Julie Lancaster 15/09/2019)

Hatfield Youth FC Under 8  Vs  STEVENAGE BORO DIAMOND BLACK   (Score Withheld)

(Match Date: Saturday 14th September 2019)
First home game of the season and I would like to thank all the parents who came and gave such
positive support both to the team when playing and helping getting the goals up and down.
This was certainly appreciated by me. The players are too young to understand that side of things.
We started very well for the first few minutes but once we went down it was hard work for them as they tried so hard but in the endeavour to do well did forget some disciplines. Our best section of the game was the third quarter when they really put up a strong fight. As they could see their efforts were strong they strived that bit harder. Wilf listened to advice and received the ball from Peter in goal and ran all the way up the left wing, then managed to get a cross over but we just could not convert. Callum had a wonderful shot that hit the post. We all thought it might go in. Mason was a little terrier he there and everywhere and had no fear of tackling bigger people. Alisha did better than expected to be honest and manged to get some vital touches and valuable times. Edward got tackled late on and went down and hurt his elbow and went off for a few minutes but so chuffed to see him come back on. He went into a block tackle with another boy and never flinched. You don't see that bravery very much at this age group. Our solitary goal was deserved for our very persistence. Callum shot, Edward forwarded and Alisha then slotted home from very close range. As managers it was a good game to watch in terms of learning who does what and where and we will be working on this in training with them. Parents you were brilliant in your support and over the few weeks you will see this group really pick up and learn. The best way to learn is from playing.
PLAYER OF THE MATCh AINGE (My little engine man)